Dear Coach or Service-Based Professional,

I know you feel challenged in standing out in a crowded marketplace.

(Feeling like what you do is nothing new or different from every other business out there.)

I know you are exhausted with working SO hard and not getting the results you want.

I know that when you think about all the ways you should  be marketing your business you get stressed out because there isn’t enough time or energy to get it all done.

Something has got to give!

I’ve thought long and hard about why some feel invisible in their market and have trouble finding clients, and why the tactics they implement to grow their business (webinars, Facebook ads, list building events, etc.) flop.

(And then they wonder what they’re doing wrong because they see others getting brilliant results.)


What I’ve come to know is …


It’s not a tactical problem (you already know there are many different ways to market your business, but you just need to find the right way for you).

It’s not a discipline problem (you’re more than ready to show up and make it happen).


The real problem is they are forcing everything instead of aligning with their natural flow of growing their business.


When we push against who we are, we’re stressed, things feel hard and we beat ourselves up for getting crappy results even though we’re trying SO hard.

Everything feels like a gargantuan effort.

We are hardwired with characteristics, traits and strengths that are part of who we are. They are the things that come naturally to us.

I call this your Persona.

When you align your business with who you are, you’re aligning with what you’re meant to do, you have renewed energy and your business takes on a flow.

This is why listening to what others tell you that you should be doing —and that includes the shoulds you tell yourself— make business hard.

And it’s why doing the work you don’t  want to do is utterly exhausting.

But knowing your Persona and aligning who you are with what you do, and how you grow your business changes everything in very real and tangible ways.

— things happen more easily and you get into your flow,
— marketing becomes something you enjoy as you enroll clients consistently,
— the right opportunities appear seemingly out of nowhere,
— you’re energized, your creativity flows, and you trust your intuition.


Persona is capturing the essence of who you are on your very best day.


The woman you know deep inside that you are — the woman you want to become when you shed the shoulds of your peers, mentors and well meaning colleagues to follow your own path.

When you are being that woman — tapped in — you’re going to do great work. The work that inspires you, enlivens you and creates your greatest contribution. And you become as successful as you choose to be.

I’ve challenged myself to talk with 50 coaches in 50 days to help them better understand their Persona and how to get into their natural flow in business. I’d love you to be one of the 50 entrepreneurs I talk to.

You can schedule a no catch, no commitment 15 minute call with me.

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Talk soon,

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