You want to make a name for yourself and be respected as an expert in your field —recognized by your peers and sought out by clients. Right now though, that dream may feel just beyond your reach. You’re frustrated. I understand and have a better way to grow your business.


Personal Brand & Message

If your personal brand isn’t saying what you want it to, if you aren’t distinctive among your peers, if you’re not enrolling enough clients —or the right clients— chances are your personal brand and message need (re)defining.

Create a brand personality that’s 100% you and attracts the type of clients you want to work with.

Core Offer

If you’re offering too many different options to potential clients, they won’t understand the value of working with you and will take their business to your competitors.

Turn your ideas into a distinctive core offering around your best work so you can become known as an expert and get noticed by the right people.

Content & Marketing Strategy

Constantly jumping on the latest social media band wagon or trying out the latest tactic won’t get you the consistent visibility and income you’re striving for.

Focus on a strategic plan that gets your message out in front of the people who want what you have to offer, and enroll clients in a systematic and consistently predictable way.

When you have these key elements in place, your business has a strong foundation and effective strategy from which to grow for years and years to come.

Business Archetype Quiz (It’s free!)

The first step in creating Distinction is defining a personal brand that showcases your uniqueness.

This assessment reveals your Leading Business Archetype —the foundation of your personal brand— and why people are drawn to you.

Your results are immediate and uncannily accurate. The accompanying free PDF report reveals how to design a personal brand that fits who you are what you do.


Hi, I’m Miki Strong.

I work with women in the coaching, consulting and other service-based professions to design their business for sustainable profit and growthin perfect alignment with who they are.

If you’re expecting secrets, formulas or cookie-cutter tactics, you won’t find them here. You’ve likely tried those and they haven’t worked.

Instead, I uncover your Distinction and give you a personalized roadmap to attain your big dreams.

I’ve been is business for over 25 years, and doing this work with women like you for over 10 years, so it’s safe to say I have a fairly good idea of who you are.

You’re people-focused, intent on making a real difference.
Your work is deeply personal — it matters to you.
You’re smart, determined, and excited to reach more people.
You have big ideas and big dreams.

You are perfectly poised to build a successful business that transforms people’s lives, fills you with purpose, and pays you handsomely for it.

You. Are. Ready!


realize their worth extends far beyond just “money”. She is a master at creating program structures that not only offer maximum transformation for the client, but also provide the ability to create a sustainable business for the entrepreneur.

One phone call with Miki instantly propelled my coaching programs, workshops & retreats to a new level.

Jackie Dumaine | Creator of the Yoga Code™ |


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