5 Steps to Making Money Now

Recently I surveyed my community to find out what their biggest challenge is in growing their business, and more importantly, what’s most important to them about building a highly profitable business.

Hands down, the biggest angst I heard was creating a steady flow of clients.
No surprise here, since operating a successful business requires a consistent cash flow.

And hands down, the biggest desire they have is to help people and provide value while earning an income that creates financial stability.

The women in my community value making a meaningful contribution, providing high quality products and services, and yes, earning a fabulous income in the process.

Unfortunately, many talented women haven’t reached that level of success in their business … yet.

That means all this untapped potential and value-rich offerings aren’t reaching the people who want and need it.

Sound a little like your situation? Then keep reading ….

Because there IS a market of people who want and need what you have to offer.


It’s not for want of trying on your part. You’re working hard.

You’ve ‘tried’ social media, sharing your blog posts, posting in groups, and networking online. But the results aren’t quick like the ‘experts’ promised you.

You’ve taken list building courses and invested in SEO services, hoping to grow your list in leaps and bounds.

You’ve taken copywriting courses, or hired a copywriter, hoping to finally find the words to describe your value.

You’ve read a gazillion books on every topic under the sun, and you’re gaining knowledge that you intend to apply to your business.

And you’ve updated your website and made a few tweaks to put it all into a neatly presentable package.

But you find that all this hard work isn’t getting you any closer to consistent clients.

It’s not that doing any of these things is wrong per se. They’re not.


The real problem here is that you’re working too hard … on the wrong things.


Don’t get me wrong —hard work is important here. Consistency is important.

What I’m asking of you is to NOT work harder doing those things, but rather, work smarter. (I know, it’s a cliché, but it’s truth.)

Work focused.
Work intentionally.

Work a plan that focuses on enrolling clients.

Because right now, that’s your priority.



First, if you’re worrying about money right now it will be hard to focus on enrolling clients. That energy will distract you and flow into your conversations with potential clients.

What I’m asking you to do is set aside any fear, anxieties, or doubt, and put your attention and energy into helping your clients.

When you shift focus to how you can add value to someone else’s life, you won’t have time for those other distractions.

Okay, let’s hunker down and laser focus.
Remove any other distractions —tactics— you think you need right now. They can wait.
This is your ONLY priority.

#1 Define Your Goal

Another cliché alert —you can’t hit a target if you don’t know where you’re aiming.

Set your sights on what you want to achieve. It’s not necessary to ‘go big or go home’ —it’s necessary to intentionally create a goal to move towards.

What do you want to create in the next month? Keep it simple and achievable.

If setting a financial goal doesn’t motivate you (as it doesn’t for many of my clients), set a goal of the number of new clients you want to work with this month.

Write it on your white board. Post it on your wall. Remind yourself daily that this is what you’re working towards.


#2 Define What You’ll Sell

You may have a suite of products and services you offer, or only just one. Regardless, it’s time to focus in on JUST ONE THING.

If it’s an existing service, great.
Maybe you have a product you want to lead with. Fabulous.

Maybe you can quickly and easily create a product from content you already have.

Or perhaps taking one key piece of a larger program or service, and offering it at an ‘easy yes’ price is a good strategy for you.

For instance, that’s what I did with the Brand Blend Session. It takes a key piece of the Distinction Mapping process and provides a tangible outcome for clients: a personalized roadmap to connect with and enroll the right clients

Need an idea? Survey your audience to find out what they’re struggling with right now.
Find out their greatest challenge. Find out what they want to achieve but need something to help them get there faster, better, more efficiently.

How can you help them with this? Turn that into a product or service.

Keep it simple and focused on a specific outcome for your client.


#3 Define Who You’ll Sell It To

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Will you make this offer to your existing email list?
Will you reach out to previous clients?
Will you follow up with those you’ve had initial consultations with?
Will you will network at an upcoming social event?
Will you partner with a colleague and have her share your offer with her community?

There are many ways to generate revenue, but your strategy for immediate cash flow needs to focus on the easiest and quickest path.

If it means setting up an in-depth social media campaign or lengthy follow up series by email, that’s better suited for a long-term strategy.


#4 Generate Interest, Build Trust

Meredith Hill said, ‘When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.’

The solution you’re offering isn’t for everyone, nor should you try to market it to the masses.

To generate interest in your offer, you need to speak specifically to the person it’s for. And when you think in terms of an individual —rather than a group of people— you can really hone in on what motivates her to buy from you.

What is the problem she’s trying to overcome?
What is she frustrated with?
What questions does she have about finding a solution?
What does she really want to achieve, deep down?
How does she want to feel?

You generate interest in your offer when you show you understand what your potential clients are challenged with and can show you have a solution for them.

Then build in trust. With new gurus popping up everywhere these days, promising cookie-cutter templates to success —on virtually any topic— as consumers, we’re becoming more discerning and cautious of who we invest our time, energy, and money with. Whether that’s a service or product.

Illustrate your trustworthiness.

What has she tried that isn’t working?
Why have those ‘other solutions’ failed her in the past?
Why is your solution finally going to help her?
Why does she need this NOW?

Show proof that what you offer really will make a difference.

Use testimonials and case studies as an illustration of the outcome your client can expect from working with you.


#5 Make The Offer

This should be a no-brainer, but sadly, when it comes to ‘selling’, many women stop here.
Why? Because they feel selling is sleazy.

Sure, it can be. And we’ve all experienced that type of selling.

But what you’re doing is being of service.

Good news is, you already know the value you offer and how your solution will make a difference in your client’s life.

So —make the offer.
The worst you will hear is a no.
You may hear, no for now.
And you may hear yes.

Whatever you hear, keep making the offer to new potential clients.

Don’t let one ‘no’ keep you from the many people that want and need what you have to offer.



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