Meet Miki


But first, a few money-making commandments we live by ‘round here:

  1. Stop settling for less than you deserve.
  2. Stop apologizing for wanting more.
  3. Recognize it’s never really about the money.


Whether you’re undercharging + over-delivering, settling for less or burning out, one thing’s for certain — your grand money-making vision lacks an overarching strategy, and you’re not making so much progress in the wealth department.

The good news? You’re bursting with potential, and you have so much more to give.

In which case — How ‘bout a blueprint for success?

Hey. I’m Miki Strong.

Business strategist + money mentor for extraordinary women.

When I green light your application for a FREE Strategy Session, I’ll spend a full 30 minutes on the phone with you — getting you unstuck and framing a clear strategy for you to grab + run with. And I’ll send you on your way with at least one action item that you can implement today (no strings attached).

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You are . . .

. . . A coach, consultant, or online service professional (graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, virtual assistant, or online business manager).
. . . Highly creative. You’ve been in business for at least a year (or two), and have innumerable ideas swirling ‘round your noggin.
. . . A leader, a maverick, and a risk-taker — one craving financial independence + more time away from your laptop.



There’s no two ways to say it — I’m thoroughly unemployable.

It’s true — I started my first business age twenty-two, after quitting my first (and only) “real job.” I’ve been writing my own rules ever since — and I’ve been in business for 25 years.

That’s 25 self-employed tax returns, filed. 100 quarterly reviews, self-completed. Hundreds of clients + customers, served. Multiple millions in revenue, collectively earned by my clients. Incalculable mistakes, made. (Except most of them weren’t really mistakes — because I only made them once.)

I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful + rich. But more importantly — what it takes to feel successful + rich. (Which is ever-so-subtly different — and so. much. better.)

Here are 3 truths I’ve learned, over 25 years — paired with pieces of my story.
Pour yourself a glass of something lovely, and read on …


1. It’s all about connection.

Ever been on a first date, and felt sparks fly? That’s real connection. Invisible, but undeniable. The kind of connection you need to feel with your work + your clients — and them, with you.

No connection. No cashflow. It’s as simple as that.

I know a lot about connection, because I spent years on the opposite end of the spectrum — disconnected from my creativity, disconnected from my voice, and (yup) disconnected from the clients I wanted to serve. My rock bottom moment? A disastrous board meeting that illuminated my own disconnection — in harsh, fluorescent lighting. Yikes.

I’ve got a supernatural knack for identifying your ‘business sweet spot’ — that profitable place where your gifts + the right clients + your undeniably irresistible offers meet + connect. It’s the focus of my signature offering for women in business, Business Renaissance. But more on that, later. (Or now. Now is good, too.)


2. Numbers are sexy.

Mmmm. P&L statements. With a background in accounting + bookkeeping, numbers were my first entrepreneurial love. (And you never forget your first …)

My fascination with money has evolved into a fascination with women’s beliefs about money. But I still bring a practical, red + black edge to the conversation about self-worth + value.

My stance? Money makes you more of who you already are. So before we dig into questions like, What’s your six-month plan for rakin’ in the revenue? I’ve got to know: Who are you?


3. Freedom is everything.

I grew up with two devoted parents — hard-working, boot-strappin’ German immigrants who arrived in Canada with $240 in their (collective) pockets. They taught me about a lot of things: grit, discipline, faith, and family. They supported my entrepreneurial ambitions, 1,000%.

But the one thing they couldn’t teach me was how to create a business designed for + around personal freedom. A business that supported my lifestyle — not the other way around.

So, that’s become the great lesson of my lifetime. One that I love to learn + re-learn — and find new ways to teach.

Bliss, balance and freedom. That’s what I stand for, and that’s what I can help you create in your business — in a tangible, holy-wow, leaps + bounds kinda way.


If you’re readier-than-ready, take a sweet, deep breath, and …