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Cookie cutters are for baking. Fluff is for pillows.

You won’t find either of them here.

You are unique, so it makes perfect sense that a personalized approach to your brand persona and business strategy is exactly what you need.

That’s why our work together is deep, personal and distinctly impactful.

At this point in your business, you’re ready for more influence, to have a bigger impact, and push past your current income ceiling to your next level of growth.

What will get you there is to position your brand to stand out among others in your industry, and design a growth and marketing strategy that connects and engages with more people who are already interested in what you offer.

Because when you simplify and focus your efforts around a personalized plan, you reach the big goals you set for your business.

(from best-kept secret to sought-out expert)

Boring brands and limp personalities rarely make history.

I help you define your brand persona and strategically communicate your value-added proposition to your audience.

Because truth be told, who you are and what you do is pretty darn intriguing.


You could call them ground rules but I believe rules were made to be questioned … and ultimately broken if they don’t fit.
So having said that, these are the ‘rules’ of how we show up in business.


You can expect us to be real, direct and honest. And we’ll always draw out your distinction and what makes you unique.


You can expect high quality, value-focused ways of working together. We aim for results and transformation because your work is important – it matters!


You can expect us to be people-focused, model personal and professional integrity and to always put you before financial gain.


You can expect us to advocate self-expression, independent thinking and financial abundance through entrepreneurship.


You can expect us to always strive for excellence in our work together and to draw forth your leadership and cultivate your excellence as well.

I LOVE to read. You’ll usually find me with 3 books on the go: epic fantasy series (from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter), a business book (branding, marketing, strategy), and listening to a personal development book.

My most favorite thing to do is drive. It’s not unusual for me to take a 12-hour drive through breath-taking scenery along curvy backgrounds. There’s something magical about unplugging this way.

Deep conversations and differing points of view fire me up (who doesn’t love a good debate?!).

Consider me an ambivert — I can mingle with the masses and thoroughly enjoy ‘alone’ time.
I’m an INFJ, Enneagram 8, and my persona is Ruler-Explorer-Alchemist.

I’m obsessed with human psychology (can you tell) and what makes each of us unique. So much so, that I’ve spent the last 10 years and more immersed in archetype personalities and how to leverage them into a business that creates distinction.

Take the quiz to reveal your leading business archetype.


Let’s talk.

Ready for the next level of growth, or making a pivot in your business?

Tell me your vision and let’s talk about how I can help.

If your audience is service-based with an online presence, and would find value in branding and strategy expertise, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m available for interviews and media articles.

media & interview inquiries

I realized that by not having clear offers I was self-sabotaging my business and holding myself back in some way.

What I wanted was to be clear on my message and put together offers that felt right. What I got was both – and more.

We turned my existing intellectual property into an offer that stood out as , “This is what I want to do next!” It felt totally right – totally felt good.

I have a new sense of freedom.

Lori Fields

Your Worthy Self

I was done with tracking time and was ready to take the leap to a higher end business model.

But, I was struggling with getting my packages right. And, I was uncomfortable talking about my new services because I wasn’t clear on what they were.

I wanted more, and wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get there or what that looks like.

Under Miki’s guidance we restructured my VA business into a boutique online business management agency, offering 3 high-end packaged service offerings.

I have 3 new high quality ideal clients who really didn’t even blink when I told them my package price. And, I’ve had to turn clients away because I now have a full practice!

Shelley McKenzie

Tic Toc VA

I am on a quick-moving journey, setting up my business, and last month I quit my part-time employment.

With Miki’s guidance, I set myself a target number of clients to reach by the end of the month, which I achieved, exceeding my previous monthly income.

The revenue into my bank account in my first month was £7,500.

I am full of gratitude for Miki who answers my questions with brilliant insight, has spot-on advice and helps me see situations in different ways so I can advance, grow and reach success much much faster than I would without her mentorship.

Dr. Laura Nelson

Dr. Laura Nelson

The awareness I got in the first session alone is worth the entire price I paid for the whole program.

It spring-boarded me forward in my business in SO many ways, I can’t even begin to count because I’m still JUST BEGINNING to see them all!

I can breathe a sigh of relief because I now know who I am, what I’m offering, and most of all, what my message is.

Sallie Keys

Manifest Abundance Now

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