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Business Strategist, Personal Branding Expert & Creator of Business Archetypes

It’s a noisy world out in cyberland while you’re striving to grow your business.

There are too many distractions (the latest social media buzz — the newest marketing tactics — the not so great advice from well-meaning people) pulling you away from what’s most important — doing meaningful work and making a great living doing what you love for the people you want to serve.

The thing is, the longer you stay in the focus-distraction-focus-distraction cycle, the more discouraged you get as you circle around burnout, and the closer you come to packing it all in and finding a J.O.B.

Can we both agree, that just can’t happen? Because we need you to step fully into a leadership role in your business and impact people the way you’re meant to.

The good news is, it’s as easy as stripping away the irrelevant and getting back to the basics.

Hi, I’m Miki Strong. I work with women in service-based professions to design their business for sustainable profit and growthin perfect alignment with who they are.

My message felt watered down and I was feeling at a loss articulating who I really am and what my message really is.

I felt like I was holding myself back — my energy, my expression, my big gift.

Now I realized I wanted to create a whole new persona and Rock Your Destiny fits that perfectly.

Energetically, I have a stronger presence. I’m taking a stand for my clients and speaking clearly and directly. And I’m ready to roll out group programs which is where I do my best work.

Best of all, I feel there’s a quantum leap happening.

Michelle Casto |

There’s no two ways to say it — I’m thoroughly unemployable.

It’s true — I started my first business age twenty-two, after quitting my first (and only) “real job.” I’ve been writing my own rules ever since — and I’ve been in business for more than 25 years.

That’s hundreds of clients served and multiple millions in revenue, collectively earned by them.

It’s incalculable mistakes made. (Except most of them weren’t really mistakes — because I only made them once and learned from them.)

What I know to be true is, there are many ways you can  build your business, but the only way you should  is the way that’s personalized to you.

That means releasing the complicated strategies that aren’t making you money, ditching the tactics that don’t feel right (you know the ones I’m talking about), and tapping into your unique strengths, talents and gifts to step fully into business leadership with your  super-power.

It will be like coming home as you claim your Distinction and design a personalized plan for growing your business.

So it’s a good thing that my  super-power is uncovering yours and designing an unbelievably rewarding business that creates the wealth, fulfillment and peace of mind you crave.

Ready to dive in and transform your business? Here are the ways we can work together.

Or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, let’s talk.

I realized that by not having clear offers I was self-sabotaging my business and holding myself back in some way.

What I wanted was to be clear on my message and put together offers that felt right. What I got was both – and more.

We turned my existing intellectual property into an offer that stood out as , “This is what I want to do next!” It felt totally right – totally felt good.

I have a new sense of freedom.

Lori Fields

Your Worthy Self

I was done with tracking time and was ready to take the leap to a higher end business model.

But, I was struggling with getting my packages right. And, I was uncomfortable talking about my new services because I wasn’t clear on what they were.

I wanted more, and wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get there or what that looks like.

Under Miki’s guidance we restructured my VA business into a boutique online business management agency, offering 3 high-end packaged service offerings.

I have 3 new high quality ideal clients who really didn’t even blink when I told them my package price. And, I’ve had to turn clients away because I now have a full practice!

Shelley McKenzie

Tic Toc VA

I am on a quick-moving journey, setting up my business, and last month I quit my part-time employment.

With Miki’s guidance, I set myself a target number of clients to reach by the end of the month, which I achieved, exceeding my previous monthly income.

The revenue into my bank account in my first month was £7,500.

I am full of gratitude for Miki who answers my questions with brilliant insight, has spot-on advice and helps me see situations in different ways so I can advance, grow and reach success much much faster than I would without her mentorship.

Dr. Laura Nelson

Dr. Laura Nelson

The awareness I got in the first session alone is worth the entire price I paid for the whole program.

It spring-boarded me forward in my business in SO many ways, I can’t even begin to count because I’m still JUST BEGINNING to see them all!

I can breathe a sigh of relief because I now know who I am, what I’m offering, and most of all, what my message is.

Sallie Keys

Manifest Abundance Now

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