Meet Miki

Hello. I’m Miki Strong. And I’m thoroughly unemployable.

It’s true — I started my first business at age twenty-two, after quitting my first (and only) “real job.” I’ve been writing my own rules ever since — and I’ve been in business for 25 years.

That’s 25 self-employed tax returns, filed. 100 quarterly reviews, self-completed. Hundreds of clients + customers, served. Multiple millions in revenue, collectively earned by my clients. Incalculable mistakes, made. (Except most of them weren’t really mistakes — because I only made them, once.)

I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful + rich. But more importantly — what it takes to feel successful + rich. (Which is ever-so-subtly different — and so. much. better.)

Here are 3 truths I’ve learned, over 25 years — paired with pieces of my story.

Pour yourself a glass of something lovely, and read on …

1. It’s all about connection.

Ever been on a first date, and felt sparks fly? That’s real connection. Invisible, but undeniable. That’s the kind of connection you need to feel with your work + your clients — and them, with you.

No connection. No cashflow. It’s as simple as that.

I know a lot about connection, because I spent years on the opposite end of the spectrum — disconnected from my creativity, disconnected from my voice, and (yup) disconnected from the clients I wanted to serve. My rock bottom moment? A disastrous board meeting that illuminated my own disconnection — in harsh, fluorescent lighting. Yikes.

I’ve got a supernatural knack for identifying why people are connecting with you — or not. It’s the focus of my signature offering for women in business, The Profit Connection. But more on that, later. (Or now. Now is good, too.)

2. Numbers are sexy.

Mmmm. P&L statements. With a background in accounting + bookkeeping, numbers were my first entrepreneurial love. (And you never forget your first …)

My fascination with money has evolved into a fascination with women’s beliefs about money. But I still bring a practical, red + black edge to the conversation about self-worth + value.

My stance? Money makes you more of who you already are. So before we dig into questions like, What’s your six-month plan for rakin’ in the revenue? I’ve got to know: Who are you?

3. Freedom is everything.

I grew up with two devoted parents — hard-working, boot-strappin’ German immigrants who arrived in Canada with $240 in their (collective) pockets. They taught me about a lot of things: grit, discipline, faith, and family. They supported my entrepreneurial ambitions, 1,000%.

But the one thing they couldn’t teach me was how to create a business designed for + around personal freedom. A business that supported my lifestyle — not the other way around.

So, that’s become the great lesson of my lifetime. One that I love to learn + re-learn — and find new ways to teach.

Bliss, balance and freedom. That’s what I stand for, and that’s what I can help you create in your business — in a tangible, holy-wow, leaps + bounds kinda way.

If you’re readier-than-ready, take a sweet, deep breath, and …

start here.

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