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If you think your market is really, really crowded, then you’ll want to read this …

Recently I read a post from Tara Gentile where she said,

a crowded market often means more opportunity, not less opportunity

and it got me to thinking (more on that in a minute).

First though, I agree.

Because, as she goes on to say,

if a market is crowded it means that there is plenty of demand

which for you —if you think your market is crowded— is really good news.

It means that you have an opportunity to capture the interest of those many, many people who already have an interest in what you have to offer.

Now back to that ‘thinking’ part …

I’ve been curious why some people are successful in a crowded market and others seem to be spinning their wheels. What I’ve found out is that,

It’s not about who got there first,
It’s not about who you know,
It’s not about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid advertising.

Simply put, the people in your market need to be able to find you.

That means putting yourself out in front of the right people by marketing your business.

Right now, you might be thinking, Uggh, I don’t like marketing. But consider this:

Marketing is the way you get your message out in front of the people who want to hear it.

You want that, right?

Marketing is a MUST.

How you market is your choice.

You might be trying a little of this strategy, and a pinch of that tactic, never quite fully investing your resources on an effective and focused marketing plan.

You may be spending way too much time on Facebook, liking, commenting, sharing other people’s content and thinking that it will get you clients.

You may be posting and reposting your blog posts on various social media channels and wondering if it’s actually bringing you clients.

You may be participating in joint ventures (telesummits, giveaways, etc.) or being interviewed on podcasts.

You may be trying to do it all (which is part of the problem).

When your marketing is spread too thin, or unfocused, chances are pretty darn good that you’re not enrolling clients in your service offers and programs the way you want to.

If what you’re doing is effectively enrolling clients, great. Keep doing what works.

But chances are, you’re reading this because you’re looking for a better, more effective strategy.


To be successful in a crowded marketplace you need to create Distinction, and market that!


Ineffective marketing puts the cart before the horse.

Smart marketing —that leads to client enrollment— is focused on communicating the value you offer and how it benefits your clients by building a relationship with your audience.

There are some uber-important things you need to know —about yourself and about your clients— to market your business this way.


1. Create a Personal Brand & Message

To get noticed, you need to stand out. The good news is, you already have inside you the makings of a highly attractive personal brand that your market will gravitate towards.

Your personal brand is made up of your traits, your style of communicating, the interesting bits of your personality that make you unique, and how you interact with your audience in a way they find compelling.

The Business Archetype quiz is a free assessment that reveals what your audience finds irresistible about you, and will get you started on creating your personal brand.

Your message is part of your personal brand in that it conveys what you do, who you do it for (your clients) and how it makes their lives better.

Your message gives you a clear position in your market.

That’s the simplified version. The truth is, getting to the heart of your message means getting out of your head and connecting to the heart of what your work is all about.

We’ll go in-depth into messaging in another post. It’s that important!


2. Build Your Business Around One Core Offer

Any business that stands out has built brand recognition around one core offer. They don’t try to be everything to everyone, but rather, they put their focus on their zone of genius and package that up as a solution for their clients.

You want to do this too.

What do you do that others in your market don’t?
How are you different in how you deliver solutions to your clients?
And how does that solution help your clients where other solutions haven’t?

To answer these questions, you’ll need to know your clients hearts and minds.
You’ll need to know their hope, dreams and desires.
You’ll need to know what problems keep them actively looking for solutions.
And you’ll need to know how to communicate YOUR solution in value-based language so they want to hire you.

That’s where marketing comes in.


3. Craft a Content & Marketing Strategy Designed For Engagement

Everything you create —writing, speaking, images— is all content.

How you distribute that content is your marketing.

Your marketing is designed with a primary intent: to create engagement with your audience in support of client enrollment.

I recommended creating your personal brand (how you communicate your message), then crafting your message (how you help clients), and then designing a core offer (your specific solution for clients) so that when it comes to content, you know exactly how to communicate your value to the people who are looking for your solution.

Then the focus for all your content is on creating a connection with your audience and engagement with you and your brand.

You do that by designing a highly focused content strategy that turns website visitors into enrolled clients. From your welcome gift (free offer), to a highly valuable email follow up series that connects and engages the reader, to the invitation to work with you.

You may know a lot on many different topics, but when you focus the majority of your content in your area of expertise, you create brand recognition and become known as an expert in your field.

Build your marketing strategy based on where you can best connect with your audience.

There’s more than one way to distribute your content —blog, podcast, guest articles, speaking, social media posts, and many more we’re all familiar with.

The thing is, you shouldn’t be trying to do it all.

It’s been my experience, that the more busy your marketing is, the less time you have for doing the things that will actually get clients in the door and working with you.

Choose a simple strategy to get you started. Be consistent. Measure your results in terms of clients enrolled (not likes an shares). When a strategy is effective, you can add in something new to mix, or amplify the strategy that is working for you.


So, how to get started?

Start with your personal brand. Take the Business Archetype quiz to get started. It will give you a framework for a personal brand and call out your uniqueness.

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