One of the most not-talked-about areas in a woman’s business is how to price and package her services …

Many women entrepreneurs struggle to charge what she’s worth, in a way that FEELS GOOD and VALUES what she offers.

It’s often a neglected area of business, one that is actually critical to your profit potential!

… and …

It impacts self-worth, how clients and peers perceive you, and prevents you from transforming the lives of others through your life’s work.

The crux of your earning potential lies in understanding the VALUE of what you offer to potential clients. Knowing how to price and bundle your services is a simple process that unfortunately most women entrepreneurs have not planned through.

Pricing and bundling services done well – it’s almost impossible to say no to, shows the VALUE to your most ideal potential client and naturally guides them to say YES to hiring you.

Pricing and bundling services done poorly – leaves you guessing what your potential client wants as you watch your bank account balance plummet! Ouch!

So what I’m wondering today is, how do your existing service and product offerings measure up? Or, do they?

And I’m asking because I’m thinking about hosting a pilot program on this topic.

Your answer to the 2 question survey will help me make a decision about confidently launching a program on this topic …

CLICK HERE to take the survey now.

Your opinion matters to me!


~ Miki xo

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