The simplest things are often overlooked because they’re simple by nature.

For instance, take focus. It’s more than a cliché that what you focus on expands. It’s proven to be true.

When you put your full attention on one thing —and one thing only— the results you get are nothing short of spectacular.

This is what Distinction is built on. FOCUS.

Knowing what to focus on and creating a strategy that gets you taking the right action to build momentum in your business and make a name for yourself.

Like Tanya Geisler did.

If you don’t know Tanya (yet), you’ll want to.

She’s the coach that your favorite coaches go to when they’re ready to step into a bigger role in their lives and business — when they’re ready to expand their influence and have a bigger impact.

That takes a shift in mindset —a shift in self-perception— and a ditching of the Imposter Complex that keeps most people showing up much, much smaller than they actually are.

How do I know this?
I’ve personally worked with Tanya. Twice.

She’ll tell you, “The Imposter Complex doesn’t have to (AND SHOULDN’T) run your life.”

She’s masterful at uncovering the fears and doubts that hold you back and busting through those barriers.

She calls forth your leadership.

She’s fiercely loving. Bold. Straight forward. And impacts lives in deep and profoundly felt ways.

Tanya is at the top of her industry. She’s extraordinary.

Extraordinary in the way that you are too.

And if you don’t see this (or believe it) yet, it’s because you haven’t uncovered what makes you special and distinctive in your field.

Creating Distinction takes discernment.

An understanding of who you are, your strengths, how you add value, and a focused strategy to position your business at the top of your industry.

So let’s look at how Tanya Geisler created brand awareness and continues to lead her industry.


We uncovered Tanya’s Distinction profile (leading and supporting business archetypes) as Sage-Ruler-Jester.

No surprise here.

This profile represents wisdom, leadership, and joyful big picture vision which is a darn precise representation of what Tanya is all about.

The qualities that bring out her brand personality are her intelligence, inquisitiveness, objectivity, inner strength, personal integrity, playfulness and spontaneity.

This brand persona is attractive to people who are wanting intelligent and wise guidance. They’re wanting control over their lives and the success they experience. And they want to have fun, more joy and bring something new into their lives.

What Tanya delivers is information, with sage advice on how to apply it to their lives. Structure and stability that points people in the right direction. And an offering of a new perspective that’s delivered with a joyful lightness of heart.

What’s irresistible is how Tanya helps people make sense of themselves, feel smarter, wiser and more confident. She sees inside a persona, and the potential within, to help people claim their power and become influential leaders in their own right.

Tanya’s audience wants to grow and expand and do their great work. They want to light a fire of success and abundance in their soul. They want an experience to fill their senses and have fun.

Tanya delivers all this and more. It’s no surprise that it showed up in her profile.

So … how did Tanya become known as a leader in the coaching industry?

By creating a distinctive personal brand, conveying a clear message, building her business on a signature offer, and employing a focused strategy.

A Distinctive Personal Brand

Tanya has a very distinctive personal brand. She shows up as her real self and connects with her audience in a way that’s natural, because it’s who she is.

She communicates with authority. She has strong opinions —backed by wisdom earned— and she is straight forward about speaking up … for your benefit.

And she does it in playful and fun ways that slide strong messages under your natural resistance to ignore the call to step up.

Peruse her blog posts and you’ll get a sense of who she is:

Everything’s A Teacher. What Are You Learning? (the wisdom of the Sage)

Expect A Breakthrough (the leadership of the Ruler)

The Party Is On The Other Side of the Resistance (the playfulness of the Jester)

Tanya’s personality is expressed freely through her personal brand so you get a tangible sense of who she is and what she stands for.

Clear Message

Having a clear message means you’re not confused about how you offer value, and your audience isn’t confused about how you can help them.

Tanya has built her business on a clear message: overcome the Imposter Complex and step into your starring role as the leader you are.

Most of us have experienced the Imposter Complex at some time in our life, usually when we’ve had great success and wonder when the other shoe will drop. Or when we’re wanting to step it up and have niggling fears and doubts that stop us from even starting.

Everything Tanya talks about, writes about, and coaches people through is in some way about overcoming their Imposter Complex and leading them to claim the bigger vision that is calling.

Signature Offer

Having a signature offer —service, program or product— positions you as an expert in the subject and reinforces your message.

Tanya’s signature offer is Step Into Your Starring Role. It’s the coaching program that she built her business on.

These days, she has expanded her offerings to include retreats, spotlight sessions, a home study version, and her new Starring Role Academy.

And they’re all still focused on her signature theme.

Business Model & Strategy

Your business model may change somewhat as you grow your business, but for most people, it won’t be a radical shift unless you’re pivoting or taking a completely new direction.

What’s important is to keep your business model and strategy simple and focused.

Tanya’s business model is highly intimate leadership coaching for short periods of time. She focuses on creating such an exquisite experience for her clients that they feel like a million bucks and can’t wait to tell their friends about it.

As her business has grown, she’s leveraged her coaching by offering retreats, and of course her new Academy.

She markets her business through speaking (listen to her TEDx talk here), writing, and referrals.

That’s how Tanya claimed her place as a leader in the coaching industry.

And that’s what creating Distinction can do for you too. More visibility, more money, and more impact. When you have a clear focus you take actions that get results.

Find out more about Tanya Geisler and Step Into Your Starring Role.

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