There’s a dirty little secret I want to expose …

… it’s about women and money.

Women tend to under-earn because often, we under-value what we offer our clients. It affects our self-worth, our relationships, the quality of our work and our potential to reach the people we’re meant to serve.

As women, we often give away our power when it comes to money, both in direct and indirect ways – subtle and blatant. Let me give you some examples …

In our personal lives:
Subtle: deferring to our partners to keep track of our money (for the team)
Blatant: not paying bills on time

In our business:
Subtle: avoiding having the money conversation with clients and prospective clients
Blatant: not following up on money owed to us

These are clear signs that there is money clutter in your life that is blocking your earning potential. And it’s absolute nonsense to tolerate it anymore!

Women are very powerful when we let go of the baggage we carry – especially around money. And when we do, it’s simply amazing the transformation that occurs in our personal lives and our businesses.

We become more relaxed, more creative, opportunities begin to open to us and we have the confidence to say yes to them instead of hiding out and playing small. We’re no longer holding ourselves back from putting ourselves out there and getting noticed … and that creates more opportunities.

And, when we stand in our power around money, it helps our clients as well – it’s a subtle shift, but a big one when we take a stand for our clients around investing in themselves through us.

But you MUST clear the money clutter first.

That’s why I’m super-excited to get you started with a complimentary e-course … but there’s a catch.

I’ve put this together for Christine Marmoy’s “You Can Have It All” telesummit that begins today. I’ll be speaking on the topic of “The #1 Secret to Clear Your Money Clutter So You Increase Your Bottom Line Fast!”

Registration is free:

You’ll hear from 10 women about how you can have it all (and don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise). And, you’ll have access to the e-course, “The Truth About Women & Money: 3 Steps to Clear the Clutter, Stop the Drama and Get Cash Flowing!”

I’ll ‘see’ you there.

Miki xo

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