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Right now though, your business isn’t where you want it to be — where you KNOW it could be. You have a big vision for the work you want to do — are called to do — and a ton  of ideas you want to implement.

And you’re spinning your wheels right into Nowhere Land.

Maybe that’s because you’ve followed bad advice from people calling themselves ‘business coaches’ (with little business experience), or listened to the advice of well meaning colleagues (who incidentally haven’t got it figured out yet), or you’re simply overwhelmed with all the moving pieces of building a world-class business and don’t know how to make it work already!

You’re in the right place.

That is, if you know you have more to offer and want to make more money. Because making lots of money doing the work you love is what you were born to do.

In order to do that, you’ll need to do 2 things:

1. Be courageous enough to step into your personal power — your Distinction — claiming your leadership for yourself, your business, and  your clients.

2. Ditch the strategies and tactics that haven’t worked for you in the past (yet you keep doing them expecting a different result) and design your business — your way — to get results.


She is a master at creating program structures that not only offer maximum transformation for the client, but also provide the ability to create a sustainable business for the entrepreneur.

One phone call with Miki instantly propelled my coaching programs, workshops & retreats to a new level.

Jackie Dumaine

Creator of the Yoga Code™,

I’m not your regular ‘business coach’ — I’m more consultant, although I bring coaching into our work together when it comes to your mindset about success, making money, and what is possible for you.

My clients like that I help them see their value & untapped potential while finding the ways they can become profitable — in a sustainable and rewarding way.

So how do you know it’s time to hire a business coach?

Because DIY (delaying it years) hasn’t gotten you where you think you should  be. And you have no more time to waste.

If you’re ready now to tap into your potential and build a world-class business, here are some ways we can make that happen …

distinctionIt all starts here, with uncovering what makes you exceptional, remarkable and highly desirable to you your audience.

Distinction puts you squarely in your zone of genius and positions you as the expert as your branding and message become crystal clear. You get noticed by the right people.


This is what removes the need to compete and creates your fair advantage in the marketplace.

There are 3 influencing elements of your Distinction: Your Business Archetype Blend (leading archetype and 2 supporting archetypes), Strengths, and Gifts. Distinction Mapping uncovers what’s insanely valuable to your ideal clients, designs (or redesigns) a signature offering and crafts a strategy to fill your offer whenever you want.

alignmentThere are many ways you can  build your business, but the only way you should  is the way that’s personalized to you.

What works for others won’t necessarily work for you.

So stop wasting your precious time and resources copying what others are doing.

This is a 3 month immersion where we design a business model from the ground up that showcases your Distinction — your brand, message & entrepreneurial gifts  — identify your most valued clients, create offers that are irresistible to them, rewrite your website content and sales pages, and create a simple & effective content & marketing strategy that draws clients to you.

strategyWhen you design a solid strategy for profit & growth, you no longer chase after every new trend. You simply do what works.

That’s what this single session is for — cutting through the clutter and simplifying your strategy — like right now!


No long term commitment. No drawn out process for getting results.

Some strategies to focus on (just a few ideas):

  • Launching (or re-launching) a new product, program or service
  • Social media (which platforms are best for you and your market)
  • Client enrollment strategy (from your free offer to high end services)
  • Content creation (when you’re flush with ideas and need to pick the best one to roll with)
  • List building (the traditional slow-n-steady or the catalyst strategies that grow your list substantially overnight)
  • Planning out your next year of growth

Ready to go? Let’s meet.

Email me and we’ll set up a virtual coffee date and get the ball rolling.

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